EGU 2018: And then there was PICO

Second day at the EGU and the weather is slowly declining. Before my contributions start tomorrow, today was the last intermediate day of the conference for me. It started with some palaeo-climatology and the numerical handling of this complicate field. Afterwards I paid a visit to the El Niño-Session, which offers always interesting insights to a very interdisciplinary field. After lunch one of my main sessions this week was on the list, the sub-seasonal to decadal prediction. It covered various approaches to the three main time frames of prediction. New analysis techniques and new modelling approaches lead to quite a variable schedule.

The last session was for me the first PICO session this year. The last I visited four years ago, was not this ideal, but they are now much more professionally organised. The screens are still too crowded from my perspective, but for certain topics it can work. The topic I tried today was Econometrics, the application of economical methodologies in climate science. It was a good choice to have to in PICO, because the main  idea was to bring people to discuss things. So it was alright and I hope the presenters took something with them. Finally I enjoyed the discussions in the poster session.

My personal topic of the day were the new poster walls. They are out of wood and yesterday I complained that it is not possible anymore to hide the poster tubes in the constructions as it was possible with the old ones. Problematic is also that the fixing tapes do not really stick well on the boards, so that the posters fall of very easily.

So let’s see what my own poster session will bring tomorrow. I will be in X4 and present some new insights into our subsampling approach.


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