I have a PhD in meteorology, working in a field which many would call climate science and in the end my main work can be classified as statistical data science. In this field a huge blogosphere exists, sometimes very political, often as part of a war between different view points. No, my aim is not to take part in this.
I would rather prefer to write on some topics within this field from a view of a simple scientists, to show how the daily work looks like. And yes, sometimes some simple words, spoken in a hurry during discussions, need a longer explanation. When this gets a philosophical touch, then this is more than appreciated. I think it is important that when you work in science you think about the way you work and how we get to our knowledge we call established science. Additionally, new developments like new papers, conferences and other stuff which come along will be shown here, certainly with a different view like it is done at the entity itself.
My aim will be at least one post per month, but I know that this will vary from time to time. Comments are appreciated, but will be controlled before publication: Advertisements and personal attacks will be strictly prevented.

Further information on the author at www.aduesterhus.net


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