ICON Course 2017

A decade ago the German weather service DWD and Germany’s leading climate institute MPI started to develop a new model for climate and weather. It bases on a new type of triangular grid and in the past years the model was designed and programmed to be the future model for most activities of climate and weather research in Germany.

As I currently start to work with this model within my research activities, it was a welcomed chance to visit the training course on ICON by the MPI last week. In this week-long course we focused first on the theory of the new grid, which has many implications for the dynamical core of the new model. Afterwards, we looked at running and modifying the code and including new processes. The course itself was quite hands on, discussed the programming paradigms used by the developers and showed the structure of the model in many exercises.

As it is a new model, which just started to get operational in the weather community and is still under development in the climate parts to replace one day the MPI-ESM, many things seemed to be still not finished within the model. I also hope that it will get more user-friendly, as currently modifying the model seemed to be quite complicate. On the other side it is a quite quick model so we will see what the future will bring.