Transition year

The year is coming to an end and as so many others I think it is the right time to look back on what happened in the past year. For me personally it was a year of transition, which is a natural step, when you change your affiliation. So I moved from the UK back to Germany, which has a different science system, different way of handling and honouring science in society. Additionally, I changed my main research topic once again and so I got many things to learn.

The past three years were about sea-level science, mainly in the palaeoclimatic environment. I really like that topic and I am happy that there are still some things to do for me in this field. My new topic is now more about the future, seasonal prediction, and has also its beautiful spots. Both topics got something in common. Of cause it is statistics and the development of new methodologies as this is my main research focus. But it is also the relevance for the society, the impact, which makes both topics very attractive ones. Nevertheless, the differences are more than just the covered time span and the physical system at hand. It also covers two completely different ways of modelling. My sea-level research covered mainly simple modelling appraoches, with a (very) large number of ensembles. In seasonal prediction the biggest available models in Earth science, which needs a huge amount of computer capacity are used and as such a low number of ensembles can be produced.

But as a scientists of cause it is important what you produce some output. Well, basing on the usual statistics its not much: one conference, no publication. Sounds really sad. Well, looking deeper into it, it is not this bad. There are still two papers in review, some in preperation and I visited several (project) meetings, a summer school and yes some job interviews. Apart from that I am involved again in some teaching, which allows me to learn much and makes quite some fun. So the upcomming year will have to be more productive in terms of output, but I am optimistic that this will work out.

Therefore, I wish everybody a great start into the new year and perhaps some nice christmas projects coming to fruition and will bring a great start of the year.