EGU 2018: Poster day

Day three of the EGU 2018 in Vienna and today was the day for my poster. But beforehand an interesting day of presentation sessions was on the schedule. It started for me with a session on data assimilation in palaeo-climatology. As I come originally from meteorology, it is always interesting how the statistical methodology once developed for short term prediction applied onto completely different timescales. Next up was the GIA session, which included some sea-level talks.

In the afternoon the first session was the one on post-processing, in which I also had my poster. Various statistical methodologies and workflows where presented to generate more gain from a dynamical (weather) forecast. Final presentation session was then on corals and their ability to give us information mainly of the ENSO in the past.

The final session  of the day was then the poster session. I had nice discussions on my topic of statistical-dynamical prediction and my take on why it works. Tomorrow will be the day of my talk, where I will present an alternative to the common used ACC and RMSE.


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