EGU 2014 – The PICO day

After the reception yesterday the day today has started with the first day of real scientific program. I started with a visit to an session about interglacials, which was quite interesting. I personally work on the sea level during the last interglacial, but seeing the background apart from the sea is always quite enlightening. Especially a talk, which involved a particle filter for sea ice modelling was quite nice to see, since I will apply similar methods for my sea level analysis.

The second session was the CORDEX session, which lead me back to my roots in meteorology. Multi-model analysis and reanalysis are quite interesting topics, even when I am currentely do not really perform much research in that area.

In the afternoon I tried my first PICO session at the EGU. The idea is in general that after a short introduction of about 10 presentations (named 2 minute madness) something like a interactive poster session will be done. I personally found it, as the passive part of this exercise, not really ideal. The short introduction was good, but the display part was much to crowdy. When 20 people stand in front of a display and have not enough space to breath, the science do not get much better. As an active part I would probably like it, since I prefer to talk more freely and explain things in detail, without acting like an actor on a stage as it is often the case during a talk. It is better to see people directly into the eyes, without time pressure and answer even stupid questions, as long as it helps the recipents to understand my topics. So there is surely room for improvement for this sessions, but alternatives to pure talks and posters are always welcome.

The end of the day was the daily poster session, which led to a lot of nice discussions. All in all it was a great first day and I think this will be just the start to a great week.