EGU 2018: Final day

And here it is: The end of the EGU 2018. The final day is always a quite relaxed one. Many scientists have already left Vienna and so everything is a bit more relaxed. Anyway, for me the day was quite busy as there were many sessions of interest for me running in parallel.

In the two morning sessions I spend my time in a session on climate archives and proxies, which was quite interesting. The topics were quite diverse and so it was a nice mix for the start. After lunch two sessions on sea-level were on the schedule. The first was on ice sheets during the Quaternary, which was mainly focused on the European Ice sheets during the last glacial maximum. The second one was on sea level from minutes to millennia, which was dominated by talks on the creation of sea level index points. And finally there was of course the poster session, as always some kind of a highlight of the day with many interesting discussions.

So the EGU is over and it was again a very interesting conference. When I look back I have to say some things have changed this year. For examples I had the impressions that the queues for the free coffee were much longer. Also the poster boards, on which I had complained a lot earlier this week were new. Over the days, the problem with the hiding place of the poster tubes got certainly better, as most tables beside the boards got loose and it was possible to take them away to open the hiding place. For the whole week we had great weather  and most stuff was well organised, but in my impression most sessions were too full. It seems that the Conference Centre in Vienna got to its limit and when the EGU should grow even more I doubt it is still the right place to host the event.

So all in all, for me it was a successful EGU. Let’s see whether I manage to get here next year and how I manage the other conferences coming up this year. So long, bye bye Vienna


EGU 2014 – The reception

Austria Centre Vianna is hosting the EGU 2014

Austria Centre Vianna is hosting the EGU 2014

There it is: welcome to Vienna, welcome to the EGU 2014. Once again we have a wonderful weather here in the west of Austria and an interesting week ahead of us, full of talks, posters and of cause discussions. The first action of the event was the registration, which was like the past times quite straight forward. Of cause, doing it at sunday is an advantage, before all the late comming people turn up on monday. The reception was also quite nice, enough to drink and some breads and rolls, which was in the end more than I had expected. Yes, smaller conferences have usually more to offer, but when you share an event with 12,000 people, compromises have to be made. Nevertheless, it is not the meals the scientists are comming for, it is the atmosphere within the next days. So let’s start this nice event in style with the early morning session on the monday.