EGU 2019: Packed rooms

Day two of EGU 2019 and as always it was a busy day. My program started today with a session on climate prediction. It was interesting to see different approaches to similar problems. Especially when you see in successive talks similar physical mechanisms described from different perspective, but explained completely differently. A chat between some authors would then certainly bring solutions to all groups, but I am sure some will not even have recognised the similarities.

The second session covered the North Atlantic. Like so many sessions here in Vienna this year the room where more than packed. The talks covered many different aspects, mainly on the thermodynamics. I left half-way, as I wanted to see some posters, which were mainly on statistics.

After lunch I enjoyed the medal lecture by Shaun Lovejoy, who gave an interesting overview of the different scaling mechanisms in the atmosphere and the competition between random and deterministic approaches. The rest of the day was again visiting posters, trying to make my way into sessions (and failing) and finally sitting in the back of a statistics session to relax a bit.

Today I heard from several people that they got annoyed from the overfull rooms. You hear this complain every year at EGU, but it seems to get louder at the 2019 edition. Or maybe, the sessions I visit (and those of the people I talk to) just got a bit more popular this year compared to the years before.


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