IMSC2016: Own Presentation

It is halftime here in Canmore and the IMSC got its highlights today. It started with a podium discussion on one of the WCRP grand challenges, the one on climate extremes. The aim is that in the next years scientists will collaboratively try to move forward on this and six other topics. Prediction/projections of extremes, may it be droughts or heavy precipitation, is complicate and so the agenda for this topic is long. In the discussion many topics were highlighted, which would help to bring the field forward. The most important of this, at least from my view-point, is the problem of data availability. Still many countries do not share their climate data and still many information can be found in archives, but is not yet digitised. But data is everything (ok, at least a lot) in climate science. Without it new developments and proper projections are not possible and without political incentives it is doubtful whether there will be in the next years a decisive move forward. Another topic of interest for me is the problem about uncertainties and the different understanding of it between the different fields. What is uncertainty? What is included? How it is exactly defined? Many questions around this topic highlight the proble of missing standardisation and an appropiate format in the community to share uncertainty information. Uncertainty is more than just a standard deviation value, much more.

Next were two talks on extreme value theory followed and touched more the theoretical side of the field. The lunch break was filled with an award ceremony.

The next session on my list was on climate model evaluation and covered a wide range of topics. Among this was my talk on the application of the EMD in highlighting differences between different initialisation procedures in decadal hindcasts. It is always nice to show own work, even when this contribution was originally planned just as a poster due to its early stage. A final session on downscalling ended the day for me.

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