IMSC2016: Poster day

The second day started with a detection and attribution session. The talks ranged from theoretical approaches to the plans for the future large projects in this field. This was followed by a talk on extremes before the next session focussed on teleconnections. In the latter session as expected the EOF analysis got some attention.

From the meeting hall

After the lunch break I enjoyed a session on the great challenges of climate extremes. Talks therein applied statistics to some interesting real applications, so showed that different methodologies can be really helpful for the community.

The final session of the day was reserved for the poster session. For me posters are always a very important part of a conference and it is good when it is placed at the right time into the schedule. It offers people to talk and get to know each other and helps therewith to make a conference a success. Today some interesting posters were presented on a wide range of topics. Tomorrow, at the halftime of the conference, I got my own talk and so I look forward to the remaining days here in Canmore.


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