German Climate Meeting 2015

At the end of September the 10th edition of the German Climate Meeting (DKT) took place in Hamburg, which also commemorate its 25th year of existence. The four-day conference covered beside the physical and statistical topics around climate science also a huge bunch of social and transdisciplicanry topics.

The venue of the DKT 2015

The venue of the DKT 2015

For me it was the third time I visited the conference and every time it had a different style and set new topics. In 2009 in Bonn, it was the first conference where I had actually presented my work, at that time my diploma thesis, and was mainly focussing on the statistical and physical topics. Three years ago in Freiburg, the main topic was urban climate. This time it was a real change as the physical/statistical topics were reduced to two days. The third day was focussed on impacts and the last took topics like social science and journalism into account. Especially the transdisciplinary part was interesting and quite unusual for the topics, but brought also interesting insights.

The lecture hall of the DKT 2015

The lecture hall of the DKT 2015

A shadow on the conference was thrown by a media report within the main german television news format, which indicated that a main topic of the conference was the request for more renewables. Well, lets be honest, nobody made this request, and the german energy system was only part of two talks, which accepted the changing energy market as a fact and investigated their consequences. Media and climate is always a delicate topic, but it delivered a great theme for the journalism talks at the end of the four days.

Poster hall of the conference

Poster hall of the conference

My contribution to the conference was a poster on my preveous work on sea-level change during the last interglacial. Well, of cause it was quite unusual, as sea-level science is in Germany not as present as for example in the UK. This might change in the near future, as new projects are being created right now, but up to then, within the german climate community, this is still an outside topic. But I think it is important for such conferences to bring new topics into an community and show the width of the science we do.

So it was definetely worth to pay the conference another visit. In three years there will be the next one and I will see whether I manage to get to it again.

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