AGU 2014 – Day Two

The second day started drier than yesterday, at least concerned the weather. As a first session I went to a software publication session. The most interesting topic for me therein is of cause whether it would be possible to design a formal software publication with peer review and all the other necessities to make it comparable to traditional publication. I saw some first steps into this direction and am very excited about the future developments in this field.

Afterwards I made a long round to the posters and met some people. For the lunchtime I enjoyed a Townhall meeting on data publication of field data. I was happy to hear that many ideas presented there are already on my agenda. But of cause I also heard new things. The next step were some data assimilation talks, which are always remembering me on my time back during my studies. As I work myself currently with some form of the data assimilation methods currently in use at major centres, it is always fun to watch new developments.

After some poster watching of the afternoon session the last event was a great hour long talk by Jerry Metrovica on GIA modelling and its applications. There was much to learn and many more things to anticipate for the future, as several paper in press or review will give some new viewpoints on many interesting topics (at least when you work in sea-level science).

Tomorrow will be my own talk and probably also topically the most interesting day of this years AGU. the presentation was loaded up early today, so that the fun can start tomorrow.

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