AGU 2014 – The start

It is Monday and the first day of the AGU 2014 here in San Francisco. The overarching topic was the heavy rain, which let a lot of scientists sprint between the venues and dominated the discussion topics in the morning. Another hot topic were the long queues at the registrations, for those who had not managed to register yesterday. Some reported a 1.5h waiting time, and the queues have definitely backed this claim up.

My personal day was dominated by many discussions and some nice talks in various sessions. From glaciers in present and future over big data to scientific art. Yes, such large conferences allow to take a glimpse into many different topics and it is always worth to use it when the schedule of the personal primary topics are not suggesting otherwise. Unfortunately the poster sessions are parallel to the talks, in contrast to the EGU, where most of them are clustered in the late evening. This is of cause problematic, when interesting sessions block the opportunity to discuss at posters.

The evening ended with the ice breaker, which was done in the exhibition hall. A lot of people in this location made it hard to get an overview and find people. So it became a general sport to wander arround and search for some familiar faces or to queue for drinks and appetizers.

All in all an acceptable first day. My primary topics will be on the schedule in the next days, which will hopefully lead to very interesting new impressions.

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