AGU 2014 – My contributions

The end of the year has arrived and the last conference in it will be for me the AGU 2014 in San Francisco. My contributions are fucussed on one presentation on Wednesday morning at the Session “PP31F – Sea Level, Ice Sheets, and High-Latitude Climates during Previous Warm Periods I”. My talk will give some insight on the problematics around the determination of sea-level variability during the Last Interglacial.

At last years PALSEA-meeting in Rome the topic came up whether there were large oscillations in sea level during that time period. As we thought in our group about the possible topics to show here in Calicornia, we came up with the idea to take a longer look at the specifics of this theme. I will present now a bunch of experiments, which try to fit a sea-level curve through coral sea level indicators. The aim will be to show whether oscillations happened during the last interglacial period and which factors might allow or limit our abbility to make any statements. So we look at the influence of observations, changing ice sheets and different earth models for the GIA and will demonstrate their effects.

Connected to this is a poster later that day on which I am a co-author. It will show the effects of ice volume changes during the last glaciation period on the sea level of the last interglacial. With this and the talk I hope to demonstrate the complicate task in front of us when we want to make sea-level estimates of the distant past. My way on handling it is a probabilistical massive-ensemble approach and at this conference to show explicit examples to highlight the complications. I am really happy to have the opportunity this year to be here and learn a lot during a hopefully very interesting week by listening to talks and discuss with fellow scientists. When time and WiFi allow I will write about my experiences during the week. See you in San Francisco.


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