EGU 2014 – The last day

EGU 2014 statisticsThe last day of the EGU 2014 is done and it was again a quite interesting one. It started with a session on data publication, which gave a good overview on the current technical side of developments within this community. Since I had written my PhD on this topic, it was definetely a must see session for me. Additionally, my poster was placed in this session, which was presented in the following slot. Therein, I had some very interesting discussions about the necessity and potential consequences of data peer review.

After the lunch I paid a short visit to a nice verification talk before I took a walk over to the sea-level session. Therein several interesting talks, especially those focussing on statistics, generated a nice ending of a week of talks. The poster session at the end offered again some interesting points of discussion and with it ended the conference.

All in all it was a great week in Vienna. Like I had hoped a lot of interesting discussions emerged, I have seen a lot of interesting talks and posters and learned a lot. I am happy with the responses to my contributions and the wonderful weather was a great add on before I travel back to the UK. This was a week with a lot of ups and just a few downs and so I hope I will have the chance to be back in Vienna soon.



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